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Mechanical engineering

To replace a more than 20 years old hydraulic machine, VDB Engineers designed and realized a fully electrically driven soil bunker. The propulsion by a tractor has been replaced by a power connection powered by solar panels.

The soil bunker is used to beat excavated, coarse, soil fine and aerated by crushers, which is then easily dumped onto a dump pile or into a vehicle.

The machine is driven by a number of powerful electric motors. Remote controls with the system increase ease of use during vehicle and dump bag filling.


Truck body

Commissioned by a transport company VDB Engineers provides a DAF LF with a soil bunker with various conveyors for the unloading of bulk material.

Within the project VDB Engineers takes care of the complete development, project management, realisation and RDW approval of the vehicle. The total solution is offered in the field of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical design and calculations.

Wireless machine control

VDB Engineers has developed a universal, wireless operating system for a manure slurry system, which has been extensively tested for ease of use and reliability in cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

The system distinguishes itself from existing systems by its high reliability, compact design, simplicity of operation and universal applicability. The solution includes the design and construction of the system cabinets, as well as the realisation of the wireless data transmission, graphic display and control software.

Linear measuring equipment + data acquisition software

Would you like to measure the profiling of specific track rollers in-situ? An automated measuring instrument with corresponding data acquisition software has been designed for this purpose.

The mobile device is easily attached and aligned using magnetic mounting clips and can be operated via a built-in battery pack or mains power supply.

The acquisition software transmits the requested measurement "window" to the instrument, after which the precision transducer scans the surface. Data is tracked in real-time and is automatically corrected for any misalignment. After acquisition, the data is easily exported for further processing or import into customer applications.

Mechanical engineering

VDB Engineers was commissioned by a metal company to develop a machine to automate the reaming of cut holes on sheets up to dimensions of 3 x 1.5 metres.

The machine is capable of automatically reaming various hole diameters and sheet dimensions with the correct pitch and speed. The solution includes the design and construction of the machine, as well as the realisation of the graphic display, control software and control of CAN actuators.

Database with machine control

VDB Engineers has developed an automated photography environment with accompanying database. This in order to photograph and categorise various plants.

Using plant-specific barcodes, X/Y coordinates of the photo camera are automatically set by stepper motors. The photo is then taken and automatically cropped and categorised.

The database offers ease of use in retrieving photographs taken per plant species and period.